Friday, June 3, 2011

Racks Robinsons Mall Malate, Manila

First restaurant we pick to dine dat nite after arivin at Malate, Manila...lucky si Robinsons dkat da, jalan kaki pun ble`s kinda hard to choose place to eat jua cz byk tul yg sedap2 a.ka fudgalore kami nmpk.... ribs in town.....mmg blast dis place, the food is superb....dis are the several dish dat we order..
cocktail, 70php-so yummy perfect for after grill food

Mine 240php ka not sure da..dis one meat ja jd snang mkn...

Tuna salad, mum pnya ni pun like 200php sumtin, nice one sy got try mmg fish dia fresh

dis one daniela pnya,haha mcm hangus tp act sedap ni, the flesh so soft

titut pnya, paling grill, nmpk skit tp act dia tdk pat ksi bis tu lemak cz tlmpau tebal..dis one oso super grill....
side dish, mine is mac cheese mmg galore bis cheese dia..

all them take dis salad ka, got one lg mashed potato but din manage to take pic cz rasa tu potato mentah ni jd remember jgn choose potato salad if u guys dine here..haha,really worst~

if ada jual d market dia mmg kmi beli bw blk byk2, dis sauce mmg kick abis, perfect tuk mknan bergrill...

The counter

din manage to order dis..huhu B waitin n waitin..lapar uda kn..
my super tired face, 2 hour flight + 3 hours bus...huh~

tdk pat ksi abis cz cheeezeeeeeeee sgt~

mine pnya tp tdk bis oso cz too much meat dia..but 5 star for dis one nasib tulang nda kna mkn...mmg licin abis..p/s tu tepi2 got the potato yg sy mention td..hahaahah
This place is worth to dine in...we pay like 1700php but the food is worth la...nda jua rugi go eat here...thumbs up for 'RACKS'-Best Ribs in Town-

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