Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lido Food Centre

It`s been a long time ody dat i wish to come here but teda ja last nite i got the chance to sit ther n enjoy the fud but bcz mlm uda then i mlas mo eat heavy food..So i just let`s my 2 buddies yg order mkn, for me i just attracted to the grill fish ( Ikan Pari - i din kno the fsh name in english..huhu). Okay enjoy the pics ya guys :

tu nah stall yg ada lampu2 tu kmi pilih ikan dr snala..100gram RM3.00 . 

Rm10 pnya grill fish mean mcm like 330gram la ni kn..looks yummy kn..

upclose n personal..hee...mmg fresh n sgt sedap..mmg mo bw my cuzz go here nnt..sure pnya..

ni sambal dia..mmg kick abis but yg kin spoil tu bawang..sda sy buang tu bwg pun tetap jua ada rasa2 dia..hurm..nex tym mmg sy bgtau awal2 jgn letak bwg..hohoho

bkn saya mkn sorang ah..walaupun sedap gla tp tdk pat jua ksi abis ni..mlm tdk brp kuat appetite pa..nex tym..nex tym..^^
Okla skrg back to the others pnya menu..besa2 pny jua la...yg grill fish tu ja most recommended buat masa skrg..hehehe..

Bak Kut Teh Rm8 - sedap..try nnt ah.

char kui tiaw - average- 

Fung- bgus ni bw cr2 mkn cz dia smua ble ska..haha

cryss- tdk kuat mkn..haha..kuat minum ja..hee men2 la.

bubur si fung..dia sakit kn..hoho

Ni tu kdai jual bah kut teh..hehe

Ginila view dsna..klu weekend mmg rmai gla ni..parking pun susa..smlm lucky trus pat parking depan2 lg..

Si Fung closing..haha....yummy2~

Tuesday, September 27, 2011 blog~

Hye fellas...i was thinking of writing my personal daily life kind of blog cz i hv a lot of time spare for it..hee follow me here ya chasthegirfiejournal..cheeerss

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Little Italy Restaurant, Kota Kinabalu.

Im been hearin bout dis restaurant a couple of times and im being hearin gud things bout dis restaurant. The pizza and pasta also other courses, smua pun say mknan here freshly made and so yummy, so my generous anty hehe...suddenly want to belanja us as a token of appreciation..^^ This is some of the info yg u guys can take from dis website nnt kmu view2 la more info here k ;D
Okay be ready for more fudgalore picca ^^

we ask for the waiter to give us the most recommended pizza here yg slalu people order.

spageti wit mussel

mmg sedap dpt yg dwar2 boyfie keep on tgk2 me, dia tkut me eat too many kali..ahha..tkut gemuk girfie dia..;p

mine paling sedap..waahh minta puji..but reality, mix salsa pnya ni..lupala nama..tgkla plate..abis..

my cute anty yg spend us, muda kn..mcm bkn anty ni..haha

nama ni dish mcm olio wat, sumtin wit olio oli..ntahla..



ni masa tggu mknan smpi..wrong susunan pic da..^^

5 stars guys...kmu p sna and ask wat famous here..lupa uda nama dia..

meatball galore...huahua..

tu mknan kuning mcm tu baju jua..hee

Dat`s all from us..tata...njoy ur food ya...jan lupa p cni...mmg mahal ckit but worthy ^^

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sailor`s Cafe

Ahoy Mates.. Haha....last last (expired uda ni topic) hee...we hv dis lovely blogger Sailor Cafe located at Millenium area2 cks ther..actualy me mmg slalu go ther, p mkn or buy lo han ko, ya tu lo han ko yg ada jual d stall2 depan cks mmg sedap ni..klu time2 cuaca panas mmg sesuai untuk minum..ok back to Sailor.Dis place mmg cantik and i was mesmerize by the interior design and decoration, so english and so sailor..Thanks god tu gathering was held here or not sy pun tdk tau the existent of dis lovely cafe..;D Then like always enjoy the pictures ^^

This signboard la jd indicators kami, cz i din kno dis place actualy.Nasibla dis signboard  ble nmpk dr raod.
The backdrop design mmg cntk, dis my cuzz daphne ^^

Then me and eden ^^
here are some of the design yg i managed to snap snap ^^ mmg lovely ;D
Oh no, poor teddy kena hang...creative thou..

like dis words.."bon appetits"

menu2 pun menariks..

actualy the writing is so funny, tp nda clear pla here..huhu..nnt kmu p sna n read la k..funny tu ;p

the other sections pnya design,more to english tea style..

Haha..di toilet pnya design, luckily i bring my cam to toilet..terbawa ah..

Now we move to the Food and Beverages ^^
forgot ody the name owh, long name for dis drink..mcm ada mint ada lemon, tp mmg asam2 la..yummy ^^

lupaaa....aiya..juice2 la yg sy ingat..

ada oreo tu di atas, ja sy ingat yg dia write d menu.

bkn botol beer ah.. la tmpt letak air sejuk or air suam dia..creative kn..
lamp chop...yummy..

dis one i must try bla p mkn cni my cuzz pnya dish..

dis one mine..mmg sedap ni..i like..5 stars...yummy...

yummy2...bolognaise..mee dia yg special skit..

dis is wat we called cheese galore..mmg penuh cheese..sedap la tp kin cpt cuzz said la..

hee...sumone sumbody bday cake..yummy ^^ Thanks ^^
me n my fish n chip..yummy...

daphne with spageti bolognaise..

ada gift from others bloggers, nex tym if i go to another gathering  i must remember to brings sumtin..^^ thanks..its so cute...

everyone got 1..cute angry birds...
That`s all folks..seeing forward for another great gathering ^^