Friday, August 26, 2011

Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa, Suria Sabah

This place is based known for their Nasi Lemak dish, but unfortunately i din post bout nasi lemak cz i din take the menu, we tgh eat for lunch so it`s not appropriate to eat the nasi lemak. So enjoy the pic ^^

Iced lemon tea 

Nasi goreng ayam with sambal..

Yummy..sambal paste the best.

Time to eat..

Tom yam seafood- So pedas tp sedap..

Nasi goreng pattaya..

sup tom yam again..yummy..

Nasi goreng ikan masin, sgt yummy...


ready to eat!!!

Next tym will upload the nasi lemak pnya dish..hee...just wait for it!! Tata~

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Under RM10 budget - Vegenaise Spaghetti-

I always dun`t hv the time to cook dinner and im owez din eat at nite bcuz i keep on coming home late so sumtime i just ate Maggie and im kinda bored already wit dat kind of instant food. Last nite I craving to eat sumtin dat realy nice so I keep on wondering how can i spend my Rm10 to make a delicious dinner for me? Hurm, so i went to the Giant Supermarket to find some ingredients, then dis wat i brought to the cashier:

Pick & Mix Vegieball RM1.46

Liguori Spaghetti RM4.89 ( got lg more cheaper than dis but i like the taste of dis brand)

Spaghetti paste RM2.99
The total of all the item is RM9.34. So i went home and I can wait to start cooking my meal..I will show you  some simple steps on how to prepare the dish..Enjoy :)

First cut the vegiball into small pieces, optional la cz sy pun tdk ska mkn yg bulat2 ni.

Then boil the spaghetti in hot water, put some oil and salt in it. Take for portion yg ngam2 mkn tuk 1 org la.

Cook the paste, but first fried dlu the vegiball in hot oil then br pour the paste, got instruction jua at the packet. Oya i add a bit of sugar and salt just to balance the taste.

Then put on the spaghetti yg sda kna tos. Bon apetite!

I tell u mmg guarantee sedap, until i ate all abis..huahua..