Friday, June 3, 2011

Breakfast aT Chow King, MOA

1st day we all pick Mall Of Asia (MOA) to go take a look and jalan2, nice place, luas. But the price not that cheap, klu d KK like 1B or Suria pnya standard price, but ok jua for cuci2 mata. First stop is breakfast dlu at Chow king road, why we choose dis place, duno la maybe cz lapar uda so we choose la randomly, cz cni got jual mcm mee soup, haha..sumtimes even we at people place pun ttap jua mo cr2 mee sup for brkfst.

Mee sup wit somai 118php, kecik ja kn.skit ja tp nice la rasa dia.

put some special ketchup

kusyuk mkn..haha

Mine, u kno wat is weird here, nasi drg bungkus ni. at first sy ingatkan pau..

bon appetit!

dis one i duno wat, nsi mix rice mix chicken.Ya la len tmpt len cara.hehe


si emeey ckp sedap jua ni..

my mornin coffee...dis is a must in the mornin..

klu Sabah we call abc, but here they call Halo Halo...ok2 jua la tp abc ttap my favourite..Cheersss~
Yummy yummy smua mkan dcni..worth to try!!but choose wisely~ ;)


  1. they look a bit heavy for breakfast, but sure look yummy!

  2. hye..yup asian people take dis type of food for brkfst..we eat like noodle soup,fried noodle or rice (nasi lemak) hehe....heavy meal for brkfst...^^