Friday, June 3, 2011

Mary Grace : Velvet Chocolate Cheese Cake

When you come to Robinsons Mall Malate, try to search for the Mary Grace Cake, It is very advisable to buy this cake because I guarantee that you will never forget the first bite/taste of it...There a lot of choices but we pick this Velvet chocolate cheese cake based on the saleperson recommendation.

First impression haha..The price 250php if not mistaken.

The looks of the cake so breathtaking.

Tda potong2, trus mkn ja gna spoon bcuz dia cake small ja maybe dalam 500g nie..

Pandangan tepi, cheese on the outside, chocolate moist at the inside.

Even kmi 3 org mkn ttap jua tdk abis bcuz the taste so fully pack, chocalate and cheese so pack!!

This kind of cake only available at Manila, that is the saddest part. I never found cake taste like dis here in KK. Maybe klu bakke sndiri bolehla. So a lil advice for the bakery shop out ther, please be generous wit ur ingredients..Jan Mara hearts feeling, but honestlyla mmg cake2 dKK mcm nda power rasa dia cuz bahan2 drg ksi limit...k la Cheeerssss~

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