Sunday, July 17, 2011

Char Kuih Teow, Foh Sang

A little recommendation for the char kuih teow lovers out ther, here are the place dat serve the best char kuih teow ever..hehehe...1 dish is RM5.50, u can ask for extra spicy for the one who likes spicy food..The place is located at Foh Sang, got 1 luk luk van park ther, the luk2 is olso nice. Here some pic for guidance..^^
if u see dis signboard then u got the rite place.

 Here are some picture on how the dish looks like..nice isn`t...

A must try dish!

Lokan Panggang,Jalan Salut

Why the title is name after lokan panggang and not kelapa bakar??hurm..maybe a lot of you will wondering with the title or just me issuing it too much..okay let`s get it straight, im not a fan of kelapa bakar, i even haven yet try it, maybe i shud try it rite then i give my oppinion..mana2 ja la..later i try,surely i will come here often..weee~
Okay, how to get here, just drive thru the Sulaman Highway or along the road to Karambunai Resort, you will pass thru a lot of wooden stall ther wit a lot of kelapa or lokan(clam) displayed, also crab and lots of traditional `keropok`.
My crew dat day..hee mish them a lot~

The clam or lokan is categorize into big,medium and small size but all in same quantity, they just differ the price according to the sizes.

Various flavor of pudding

Pudding kelapa RM2 each..

My favourite,coconut pudding


Then i tried the pudding inside coconut cz my fren buy chrys la tu. Then i fall in luv wit it..really tasty and juicy compare to the cup 1...dis one for 3 person pun enough.

Back to my cup pudding, nearly finish...dis one sekejap ja ksi abis..hehe

price listing

you all can see?sory pic a bit blur and not clear...

The extra spices, caution!!! The chili in the bottle is realy, i mean like realy2 super duper hot so take just a bit. Trust me..

Our clam have arrive, we oni take the small size bcuz dis is our first trial..haha...

up close and personal...
 Readers, dat 1 was the first attempt, below is the second one(i mean the second day..hahaha..), dis one because me and my boyfie pass thru the place and i said, hey u better try the lokan bakar, it`s realy we have a mutual agreement and i choose a different stall, saja mo try2, who`s kno they have diff taste rite...
This other stall got a lot of menu goin on..

My new dessert...haha..bye2 cup pudding(but not forever)

This how the other stall clam looks like..a bit black on the shell..and they serve along with the sambal shud i call it or the lime..

Curious...dun`t be....

Ugly face, but after dat he the one who finish all the clam..hahah

We call dis the lada2..but not dat spicy as compare to the last tym one...
So what u guys thinks..dis dish is superb time will try the kelapa bakar...cheerssss!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Kuching food all wana kno why...the price for food in Kuching is craazzy....i mean like really damn cheap..hahaha..but for the bbq steamboat in kk the price for bbq steamboat is quite expensive. Example, the bbq steamboat at Kg.Nelayan cost like RM30++...if steamboat only maybe cheaper like RM20++..but here in Kuching the price for dining bbq steamboat is only RM17 weekdays and 18 weekend. (drinks not include) but ok la, bcuz we can just drinks chinese teh pink rite, who else wana have heavy drinks if we can eat all we want. But the dessert only ice-cream, din kno la if they serve different dessert occasionally..dis place really gona make me fat,luckily la i live here in Sabah..haha...joke~

the place is surrounded wit a lot of bbq steamboat dat hv the same price..

but we choose D11, the place is really crowded

take a seat,order ur drinks and they will prepare the bbq steamboat set.

light the fire up..hahaha

lamp chop galore...i choose it..but all pun taste sweet like sugar..

ingredients for the soup

put some butter for frying

then apa lagi put all la ur lamb,chicken,prawn etc..

seaweed for soup...wee

seafood...there a lot of choices here...

butter for oil..

seaweed yummy...

frying and adding food..

chili paste must have item...yummy...

plain rice..actually got fried mee also..


my seaweed soup...hee...bon appetite...!!!