Thursday, September 8, 2011

Little Italy Restaurant, Kota Kinabalu.

Im been hearin bout dis restaurant a couple of times and im being hearin gud things bout dis restaurant. The pizza and pasta also other courses, smua pun say mknan here freshly made and so yummy, so my generous anty hehe...suddenly want to belanja us as a token of appreciation..^^ This is some of the info yg u guys can take from dis website nnt kmu view2 la more info here k ;D
Okay be ready for more fudgalore picca ^^

we ask for the waiter to give us the most recommended pizza here yg slalu people order.

spageti wit mussel

mmg sedap dpt yg dwar2 boyfie keep on tgk2 me, dia tkut me eat too many kali..ahha..tkut gemuk girfie dia..;p

mine paling sedap..waahh minta puji..but reality, mix salsa pnya ni..lupala nama..tgkla plate..abis..

my cute anty yg spend us, muda kn..mcm bkn anty ni..haha

nama ni dish mcm olio wat, sumtin wit olio oli..ntahla..



ni masa tggu mknan smpi..wrong susunan pic da..^^

5 stars guys...kmu p sna and ask wat famous here..lupa uda nama dia..

meatball galore...huahua..

tu mknan kuning mcm tu baju jua..hee

Dat`s all from us..tata...njoy ur food ya...jan lupa p cni...mmg mahal ckit but worthy ^^


  1. klu italy restaurant memang pricey a BIT.. tapi the food (I admit) thumbs thumbs.. If Italiano restaurant ada di kk LAGI sedap tu.. balik2 me and my boyfy p situ here at KL.. I haven't have the chance to try Little Italy walaupun balik2 limpas tu tmpt.. tehehe

  2. yup mahal ni price dia but seriously mitchell u hv to go and try the fud here..mmg fresh n sgt sedap ni..^^ mo p lg ni if got money pocket lebi..hee ;D

  3. pizza sedap ka cin? mo try la real italy pizza..

  4. dayang: ya sedap ni..nda menyesal klu p..hee ^^