Friday, August 26, 2011

Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa, Suria Sabah

This place is based known for their Nasi Lemak dish, but unfortunately i din post bout nasi lemak cz i din take the menu, we tgh eat for lunch so it`s not appropriate to eat the nasi lemak. So enjoy the pic ^^

Iced lemon tea 

Nasi goreng ayam with sambal..

Yummy..sambal paste the best.

Time to eat..

Tom yam seafood- So pedas tp sedap..

Nasi goreng pattaya..

sup tom yam again..yummy..

Nasi goreng ikan masin, sgt yummy...


ready to eat!!!

Next tym will upload the nasi lemak pnya dish..hee...just wait for it!! Tata~


  1. omg!!! I love those food!!! how much does it cost by the way? i didn't know suria sabah have this...

  2. mitchell: The average price range for all the dish is between RM6.50 to Rm7.50..Tomyum mcm RM9...yup..d lower ground sna, byk lg tmpt mkn sedap2 cni..^^

  3. belum pigi sini lagi moi..erm i shud try in the future

  4. Hi Cindy, nice pics. And that nasi lemak looks really delicious.
    Incidentally, you have a beautiful smile and that dimple of yours is a real killer! *Wink*.
    Have fun and keep a song in your heart.

  5. beaty : heee..ya beaty try the nasi lemak instead ya..recommendable..;D

    uncle lee: hye ther, i guess u are mistaken me, the one wit the dimple is my cuzen, im the one who is on phone..wink wink **

  6. wow! ok... t pandai2 sya p round2 situ.. tunggu sya blk kk dulu...