Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Restoran Indah Sayang,Melaka.

          On Sunday, we have decided to visit my aunt and my pretty cousin at Melaka, and for lunch we tried on dis particular restaurant called Indah Sayang. This restaurant prepared the Baba & Nyonya recipe which i never tried before. It have been an enjoyable moment spend in dis restaurant and it is the best place to tried the Baba & Nyonya food.
 There a lot of ancient things dat we can see in dis restaurant, for example dis painting they hang on the restaurant. There are also many collectables that we can see from the display counter.

                                           Kepala Ikan masak Nyonya
                                           Ayam Kapitan
                                          Tauhu Masak Nyonya
                                          Kangkung masak Nyonya (sadap)

                                           cendol Nyonya mmg best...

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